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Monday, January 28, 2008


A few months back I started drawing members of the new Justice League of America. I knocked out a few quickly but have stepped away from them in recent months. After drawing a few pieces as gifts in December, and mostly concentrating on non-DC characters so far in '08, I decided it was time to revisit the JLA.

After drawing the big 3 (Supes, Bat and WW) as well as the chair person (Black Canary) and arguably the heart and soul of the team (Green Lantern) I decided I needed to go with one of the newbies. After much internal debate (OK, I lied not that much) I decided I wanted to draw Hawkgirl. Having never drawn Hawkgirl before I wanted to draw a dual piece of her and Hawkman. As much as I like Speedy... Arsenal... Red Arrow (what ever you want to call him) I've always thought Kendra (the best of the Hawkgirls) belongs with Carter. In my eyes I see them as the Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood of the DC Universe.

Hawkgirl doesnt have a very rich art history. She hasnt been featured in a lot of mainstream books until now. In my opinion here are some of the best Kendra Saunders artists... Joe Bennett, Greg Land, Howard Chaykin, Steve Sadowski, and my personal favorite Ed Benes. I used a piece by the great Greg Land as my inspiration.

The piece took me a little less than an hour to do. As most of the details would be added in the inking and shading the pencilling was pretty quick. I inked this over a series of days. What with having a very stressful week at work I found it very cathartic to ink a little each night. I finally finished inking the piece yesterday afternoon. I would guess that total inking time was about two and a half hours. I had decided while doing the pencils that I really wanted to not heavily ink everything, so I would have to go back in with my handy No. 3 Hard pencil and add in lots of depth and shading. Simply put, I am in love with this piece. I think the characters look strong, I love the angle, and the combination of blacks and grays is amongst the strongest I've ever put together.

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Top 10 Toys of 2007... #5

I absolutely love the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe re-issues. They are simply put the best Joe's of all time. This is the Stormy from the Cobra five pack (yup, I tore that puppy open). It truly is a great figure.

The sculpting and color applications (check out the gold trim on the wrap) are spot on. They also went all out on the articulation and the accessories. The most possible Storm Shadow of all time also has the best accs. The assorted swords and bow and arrows are very impressive. I never owned the original Storm Shadow so this for me was a brand new figure. I think this is hands down the best Cobra figure ever produced.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Best He Is At What He Does

It's been a slow art start to the year for me. So after I banged out the piece of Iron Man I was excited to draw some more. After thinking of characters I haven't drawn in a while I decided on arguably the most popular (and overused) character in comics today... Wolverine.

With monthly appearances in Wolverine, Wolverine Origins, X-Force, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, and New Avengers, Wolvie is one of the most used characters in comics. What frustrates me most of all is how what happens in one series most of the time has nothing to do with what happens in another. Absolutely little to no continuity in Marvel today... that drives me crazy. All of which makes Wolverine one of the most frustrating characters in comics.

Even with all that said, I decided Wolverine was the perfect choice for me. Very few characters are as visually compelling as James Howlett (yup, thats his real name, not Logan as most people believe). Very few characters have also had as many of the best artists in the industry work on him. Some of my favorites include Marc Silvestri, Leinil Francis Yu, John Bryne, Simone Bianchi, John Romita Jr., and the incomparable Jim Lee. With so many of my favorite artists having worked on him, I thought it was time I re-took a shot (I say re-took because some of my favorite pieces of my youth are pieces I drew of Wolverine... maybe I'll post some up some day).

I started out by using a piece by Leinil Francis Yu and Todd McFarlane as my inspiration. The picture was a very intense full frame photo. Wolverine's claws were in the fore-ground with his face and body heavily shaded in the background. The claws ended up being much harder than i expected. It required a very long steady stroke that I really didn't accomplish. Its a little jagged but not too bad. The pencils took about an hour. It was surprisingly easier to pencil than I originally thought. The inks took quite a bit longer. The inks took me a bit over 2 hours. The inks ended up being much more intricate than I originally thought. After I was done with the inks I thought the claws looked a little flat so I went back in with my No. 3 (Hard) pencil and added some extra shading. I think this piece is an early favorite (very early) for best piece of the year.

After drawing two Marvel characters in a row I've decided to go back and try and draw a few DC characters this week.

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Gift for Gumby

I try not to use anyone's real name on here, but I recently received an email from a friend who regularly reads the blog. In that email my buddy asked me for a picture. I'm usually pretty slow to respond to these sorts of requests, but because I currently had nothing in the qeue I was excited to get to work. After some back and forth we decided on a character... "I've always been a fan of Iron Man" he said. I imediately thought to myself that this could be a good chance to draw Iron Man before his movie hits this spring. So why not... I would start it up and see what happened.

My other dillema was trying to figure out what to call my buddy here on the blog. In thinking about what to call him I kept thinking about two names, it had to be either Single Digit or Gumby. Both are names I've used with him in the past. Both during what we called lunchtime basketball.

The first name comes from the very first time we played ball. For weeks my buddy would tease me about kicking my ass in basketball knowing that I wouldnt accept playing him because I wasn't dressed for it. Finally after not being able to take it anymore I decided to accept and finally play. What followed was a dominating performance by me where I schooled him 21-4. So was born the name Single Digit.

Gumby on the other hand comes from another lunchtime basketball outing. We had two guys with the same first name, so one of the other locals we picked up to play asked "what should i call you" (to my buddy) to differentiate between the two guys with the same name... "Gumby" I shout from under the basket. And so Gumby was born. He never really liked that name, but thats what made me stick with it. I knew it irked him, so it was the perfect name for me to use on the basketball court.

With all that said I was very excited to draw this piece for him. I had learned that Adi Granov had worked on the concept art for the new movie. He has also done great covers for the Iron Man series. He did have a failed run as the interior artist during the Marvel relaunch of the series where the Extremis was introduced. Not that the art was bad because it was amazing, but he was just too slow (a problem I'm sure would plague me). So I found a piece of his I used as inspiration.

The piece wasn't very complex, but it had little intricate details that took me quite a while. The pencils took about an hour and a half. The inks took a bit over 2 hours because of the level of intricacy. I had to break out the ruler to help with a lot of the lines. After it was inked I added some extra layers of grays to add depth and tone. It is a piece I'm quite happy with and one that I look forward to giving to Gumby.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Top 10 Toys of 2007... #6

One of my favorite players in the NFL (and that's saying a lot because I don't normally like pampered QB's) the figure of this two-time Pro-Bowler was spot on.

From the herky jerky throwing motion, to the aw-schucks look in his eye, to the wristband with all the plays this figure was perfect. The pain applications are also excellent. They capture the right tones of the blues in the cowboys jersey to the subtle blue tone in the silver pants. These McFarlane figures have been excellent since day one, but there was something special about this one. It truly did capture Tony Romo perfectly. Tony's popularity has increased so much that another figure of his will be released in the next wave of McFarlane sports picks... that will make 3 figures of his (if you include the 3-pack repaint) for a QB who has started only a season and a half. Clearly one of the NFL's top draw, and the cornerstone off of which the Cowboys will try to build.


F---in' Cowboys

Thats basically been my feeling all week. What I thought would be an easy march through the NFC playoffs to a rematch with the Patriots turned into a very disappointing loss to the hated New Jersey Giants.

I don't want to write too much about this because the loss still pains me (I haven't seen SportsCenter, Inside the NFL, or picked up a newspaper all week), but here is my take on the game. The Boys dominated the first half with the run (up until the inexcuseable final 53 seconds of the first half, where the defense relaxed and let the Giants go the length of the field for a game tying touchdown) and then completely abandoned the run in the second half. Or, was this game a replay of 2005 when Dallas was among the most penalized teams in the league. Too many bone-headed penalties. False starts on offense, offsides on defense calls in the fourth destroyed drives for Dallas and extended drives for Jersey. Last but not least, what the hell happened to Patrick Crayton. He was a realiable third target for Romo all season and for some reason developed a case of butterfingeritis. He dropped 3 balls that were in his hands (2 that would have been first downs and one that was a potential touchdown) and cut a route short in the end zone that if he had run through would have been an easy score (Romo over threw him only after he cut the route short).

So although I did enjoy the 13-3 regular season, as well as Romo's record setting season (I did predict right here on this blog that he would throw for 4,000 yards and 30 TD's) I must say this was the most disappointing football season I've experienced since the Boys went down to the Niners in the 94 NFC title game. Maybe this game will turn out to be the kick in the ass this team needs and gets them to focus over a full football season and they play next season with a huge chip on their shoulder. As of right now, I'm pencilling them in as my favorites to win the Super Bowl next year (would my crazy colored glasses let me see it any other way).


Thursday, January 17, 2008

First New Art of 2008

It's been quite a while since I posted up any art. I had planned to put this piece up when I listed my Top 10 films of 2007, but never got around to finishing it. General busyness and a bit of lazyness led to the piece not being completed until last night. All of which meant that what was supposed to be my last piece of 2007 was officially now the first piece piece of 2008.

This piece is from the Frank Miller graphic novel 300 (which I named my favorite film of 2007). I wanted a piece that contained a picture of Leonidas as well as some of the other Spartans. I found that in this spread I recreated.

The pencilling took quite a bit of time. My guess would be close to 3 hours. The inking took me closer to 5 hours. Lots of detail and heavy shading. Once I got done with the inking (which I split over two nights) I added in some grays for depth (they are a little tough to see, but they are there on his face, cape and throughout the piece). This was the most time consuming piece I've worked on in some time (if not all time), but I think it was worth it. I love the piece almost as much as I loved the movie... SPARTANSSSSS....... AAAHHHHHHH-OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top 10 Toys of 2007... #7

I used to buy quite a few WWE figures. OK, I used to buy practically every WWE figure. The completist in me just wanted them all. Then I started to watch less and less wrestling. So I found myself not knowing any of the characters. So I decided not to buy all of the figures. I still buy the occassional figure, but usually its of the classic variety, like with the above.

While out finishing up christmas shopping (and waiting for the cats to get groomed) I walked in to the neighborhood KayBee Toys and saw the latest series of WWE Classics which included the Warlord and the Barbarian... The Powers of Pain. The Warlord and the Barbarian were kind of the poor mans Demolition or L.O.D. I don't believe they ever won the tag team titles together (I believe the Barbarian may have had a brief title run with Haku... I'll have to check) but they were always good strong performers with a fierce look. I've always been a sucker for wrestlers with face paint or crazy costumes. These guys were definitely that. These figures capture them perfectly. The face sculpts and pain applications are spot on. If only I had a tiny Mr. Fuji to play their manager. Of all the WWE figures released in 07 this was easily my favorite.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Top 10 Toys of 2007... #8

There used to be a day when I could say I owned every new release of a Star Wars figure from 1994 till X. That all changed after the release of figures for Episode III. I just really had no interest in owning anymore version of Luke (do I truly need 37 different Luke figures). With original figures becoome more and more scarce, I simply stopped buying them. That was until earlier this year when I saw this little gem in the pre-school themed Galactic Heroes line (which is now such a phenomenon that it has spawned Marvel, DC, Transformers, and soon Indiana Jones versions).

This two pack contained Luke and Darth from their reluctant battle at the end of Episode VI. What made this two pack stand out for me was the removeable helmet on Darth to reveal a battle-damaged Anakin. The Darth figure was head and shoulders better than any figure that had ever been produced in the GH line. With limited sculpting, scale and articulation this figure is still way cool enough to merit entry on this list. This figure (in my honest opinion) is one of the best Darth's ever produced.

Incredibly, I believe this was the only Star Wars themed action figure I purchased in 07.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Top 10 Toys of 2007... #9

If you have been paying attention to my blog at all in the past year, you will know how much of an impact High School Musical has had in our lives. From the movies, to the music, to the video games to of course the dolls. While on vacation in San Diego we went to Wal-Mart (any trip I take outside of New York now contains a visit to a local Wal-Mart... i love them). While there we came upon this High School Musical two pack containing Troy and Gabriella. My love had to have it. Upon bringing it home and displaying it in our room, Scrappy loved it. She now wanted one as well, so she decided she wanted her own set for her birthday. (Yes we own two HSM sets at home).

The outfits depict the scene from the end of the movie when they sing "Together". Although Troy shoud be in a white tank top and not in his basketball jersey is forgiveable. The sound clip included is that of the song "Breaking Free" which also isn't accurate. Also the sculpt is more Barbie and Ken as Troy and Gabriella. Even with those flaws I couldnt omit these figures from the list. They just meant too much to our family.

Of course since the release of these figures Mattel has released a new line of HSM 2 dolls which are 2.5 inches shorter. So although Scrappy now has Ryan, Sharpay, Taylor and Chad they seem so much shorter than the rest. It's more accurate if the true Barbie's are supposed to be adults and these new dolls are supposed closer to the teen Skipper of the 80's. C'est la vie.

Special thanks again (for these and all other toy pics) must go out to my love... thanks baby.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Top 10 Toys of 2007

The title is pretty self explanatory. Over the next few days I will be posting pics that my incredibly talented wife took (thank you baby) of my favorite toys of 2007. I'll start at 10 and work my way to number 1. Here we go...

I've been very vocal about how amazing I thought the 25th Anniversary G.I. Joes are. You will see more than one of these figures on this list. Simply put these are the best G.I. Joes of all time. Articulation, sculpting, accessories are all spot on. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for G.I. Joes and have barely been able to contain myself over these action figures. I don't buy a ton of figures anymore, but I've bought the bulk of these. They simply are that good.

One of the gems that was released in the initial Cobra 5 pack was this version of Destro. The 14th version of the figure is clearly the best Destro ever produced. Silver head, grenades on arm, useable holster all sculpted beautifully. This figure is slightly taller than the rest of the figures in the set which helps give the air of strength that the character typically carried in the cartoon and comics. I can't say enough about how well sculpted the head on the figure is. The attention to detail is amazing. The MARS briefcase with open spot to hide a handgun is also a nice little touch. A nice nod to the original release which also had the briefcase. No stone was left unturned with these figures. It's as if they heard all the complaints of fanboys over the years and decided to make a nearly perfect series of action figures.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Scrappy's B-Day Invite

It's been a while since I posted any art on here. I'm sad to admit that I haven't drawn anything yet in 2008. I'm hoping to change all of that this week. I want to finish pencilling and then ink my picture of Leonidas, and then potentially work on an 80's inspired piece. Not sure if I am going to draw Robotech, Voltron, Transformers or Thurndercats. All were huge for me in the 80's and any of them would make a nice addition to my collection.

So, with the absence of any pencilled and inked art, I've decided to post the birthday invite I made for Scrappy's bday party. It was a bit of photoshop work and some design work (the luis tear and loose leaf are a staple of my design) all of which made for what I thought was a good looking invite.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

"Dude, how many sweater vests do you own?"

The answer to that above question would be quite a few (8 or 9 i believe). You see in the past couple of years I've been on a personal crusade to try and make the sweater vest cool again. Here are some of the things I've heard over the years (besides the above question):

"Everytime I see you, you're wearing a sweater vest"
"Do you have one of these for every day"
"I only thought gay men wore those"
"Aren't you hot in that"
"Dude, sweater vests aren't cool"
"We used to have a lesbian who worked here who would wear sweater vests all the time"
...and so on and so on

My love affair (as an adult) with sweater vests started about 13 years ago. I entered the Gap looking for cargo pants after being on a shoot and seeing the photographer in his. I ended up leaving the store with khaki cargo pants as well as a dark brown sweater vest. No one liked the way the two looked together besides me. I didn't care, I loved it. It was official... I was in love with the sweater vest.

No article of clothing of mine has received as much flak as the sweater vest, but I soldiered on. Then it started to happen... slowly but surely the sweater vest started to show up everywhere. Runway collections for Tommy Hillfiger and Calvin Klein made them fashionable and mass retailers like the Gap continued to stock them and make them accessible. Although I think it was still niche clothing. Most people associated a sweater vest with one of two things being homesexual or a geek. I stood undeterred, I was going to continue as I say "rocking the sweater vest".

The sweater vest trend continue to grow... it started showing up regularly on Brandon Flowers from the Killers and on Kanye West. Which meant that fans who wanted to dress like their favorite hip-hop or rock artists would be looking for sweater vests everywhere. Then the Gap featured the above sweater vest in their fall campaign with John Mayer (yup, I own that one too). It finally happened... sweater vests are everywhere, and in fact selling quite well. The particular sweater vest I received for Christmas (I can't find a pic of it anywhere, will have to post when I get home and take one) was sold out in all sizes online as well as most Gap stores. I went to about 8 different Gaps in the hunt for it. It reminded me of the old days of toy collecting, the thrill of the hunt. I digress... I just wanted to state how happy I am that the sweater vest has finally been accepted... my work here is done.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Top 10 Movies of 2007

I love movies. In 07 we didnt see nearly as many years as in years past. With planning and general busyness, we just didnt get around to going to the movies that often. With all that said, here is my top 10 list of movies I saw in 2007 (TV, DVD or theatrical). (I know I thought I would have a piece of art done in time for my number one movie of the year, unfortunately there simply wasn't enough time to get it done before the end of the year... the above graphic will have to do... thanks work, for not being too busy today).

10. High School Musical 2
There was probably no film that was more anticipated for me than HSM2. Or I should rephrase that... there was no movie that Scrappy more eagerly anticipated. Which in turn meant that my love and I were being constantly bombarded with videos, pictures, websites... we couldnt turn around without another mention of HSM. Even with the constant bombardment, I must say it didn't disappoint.The songs were cheesy, the acting was Disney and the story was sacharine sweet, but after numerous watchings, and singing the songs constantly on HSM Sing it, I must say I did love it. The main reason I loved the film so much was that Ashley Tisdale (given a meatier role) really shone as the star seeking Sharpay.

9. Superman/Doomsday
The world of direct to DVD comic animation has grown tremendously over the past few years. With entries from Marvel (Avengers, Iron Man, Dr. Strange) and Dark Horse (2 Hellboy films) it was time for DC to jump in. They decided to do that with the Death of Superman story. This DVD came out mid-year, and like most DVD's I buy, it sat on the shelf up until last week when I took a day off because I wasn't feeling well. At first I was little turned off by the liberties they took with the stories, then upon completion, I realized that the changes made sense. The story was different and strong. The animation was also very strong (except for the extra lines they drew on the big man's face... weird cheekbones). The voices were also suprisingly well done. I was used to Tim Daly and Clancy Brown as Superman and Lex Luthor. Adam Baldwin and James Marsters (both of Joss Whedon fame) did a very nice job. All in all a very strong piece by DC, I can't wait till their next release DC The New Frontier.

8. DeathProof
While Grindhouse as a whole was enjoyable (but long), the draw for me was the Quentin Tarantino DeathProof. Quentin movies are few and far between, so when they are released, they need to be appreciated. The scenes in the diner and the bar with the girls chatting were classic Tarantino. Witty dialogue, great camera work... in a word, Tarantino. Kurt Russell as a psycho stuntman was brilliant casting. I couldn't remember another time Kurt had played a villain. He was quite good.

7. SuperBad
It was a great year for Judd Apatow. This was one of his two huge hits in the year. This was by far the superior of the two. While Knocked Up was enjoyable and did have its moments, it was a little too sitcom for me. Katharine Heigl was very lovely though. SuperBad on the other hand was raw, raunchy, and funny as hell. The dialogue was hilarious. The situations over the top. A great comedy, with underlying messages of growing up. Easily the funniest film I haave seen this decade.

6. The Bourne Ultimatum
The third installment to the action packed Bourne series. In a pretty rare occurence, each of these movies has expanded on ideas from the previous. The fights are stronger, and the actions scenes more intense. The car chase through Manhattan was mind-blowing. A smart, realistic action thriller. I'm not sure how much longer they can continue to go to the Jason Bourne well, but I've enjoyed all of these so far.

5. Juno
One of the two late entries on the list. This Jason Reitman written film was well acted by Ellen Page and Michael Cera with great supporting acting by Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner and J. K Simmons. The small story of a 16 year old who got knocked up and decided to put her baby up for adoptio ninstead of aborting it. Elle Page as the title character Juno was simply great. Sarcastic and funny most of the time but loving and tender in others. She showed an acting range is this film that most adults couldnt match. She truly is a star of tomorrow. A highly enjoyable film.

4. Ratatouille
The best animated and family film of 2007. The genius' as Pixar continue to deliver some of the best films every year. I have yet to be disappointed in any Pixar film. This little story of a rat who tries to quench his thirst for creating fine cuisine by helping a newbie chef (Linguini) save his father's restaurant. Incredibly rendered wih great voice acting. This movie hit on every level. I loved the character Anton Ego and the little sense of realism (or as real as a movie with a cooking rat can get) at the very end of the film. The best animate film of 2007.

3. Hairspray
While on my honeymoon, my wife and I were searching for a movie to watch one night. We looked at the local listing and saw they had a theater on the island that was playing two movies, Hairspray and The Bourne Ultimatum. We decided to go with Hairspray as we both love musicals and felt that it would be more fun and a little lighter than a serious action film. And I must tell you it was the right decision. Nikki Blonsky was great and looked like she had so much fun making the film. John Travolta was also great as Tracy's mom. A fun performance in the most fun film of 2007. Zac Effron (from HSM fame) gave an inspired performance hamming it up for the cameras as Link Larson. As an aside, my love and I thought it was really interesting to see James Marsden taking a picture of the city block long billboard for the movie across the street from my love's old office building. It was kind of fun to watch a major actor stand on the sidewalk taking a picture of something he seemed to be excited about. I will always think favorably of this film, as I will always attach it to my honeymoon.

2. No Country For Old Men
Simply put, the best movie I saw in 2007. I expect this movie to have a Departed type feel come Oscar time. With Director, Actors and Film being awarded. A hard film that pulls no punches. Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin both deliver the performances of their lives in this adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel of the same name. The Coen brothers are on the top of their game as well. Scenes are well thought out and framed. A beautiful film to watch which is strange given how rough some of the scenes are. I expect this movie to clean up come Oscar time.

1. 300
As a self-professed comic geek my favorite film of 2007 was easy... it was 300. Who would have thought that the actor from Tomb Raider 2 and the Phanton of the Opera would make a believeable Leonidas. Gerard Butler was amazing. Zach Snyder did a great job translating Frank Miller's pages to the screen. It was a truly phenonmenal film. Among the best comic movies ever made. I very much look forward to Zach's take on The Watchmen (which I think is the greatest comic of all-time). This movie also proved that popcorn films based on comic books could be well done. In a summer that game us the awful Fantastic Four 2:Rise of the Silver Surfer (after 45 minutes into the movie, the only action is the scene with Johnny Storm and the Silver Surfer from the trailer... such a snoozefest) and Spider-Man 3 (great trailer, awful film... dark Peter dancing... c'mon), it was nice to see a comic movie done right. Well written and acted and very true to the original source material. This was hands down my favorit film of 2007

On the note of action films, over the last year and a half my love and I have made a conscious effort to not expose Scrappy to super-violent films or any films with onjectionable content. That means basically any and all action films or any film were people are being bitchy to one another. We watch them when she falls asleep. We even try to pre-watch movies that we think might have too much violence. I must say that I didn't think there was anything wrong with having Scrappy occasionally watch Star Wars or FF films, but I have seen the light. She is much better behaved, she has no nightmares and is in all facets a kid... a good kid. I'm very happy with the decisions we've made in raising her.


Fantasy Football Recap

In years past I've been a relatively awful fantasy football player. I can generally dispense advice to others, as well as draft a killer team... my problems have always been with setting my lineup.

Last year in the two league I played in I came in 5th and 2nd. Easily the best showing of my fantasy football career. In retrospect, it was a turning of the corner for me.

This year I was invited to enter multiple football leagues in Yahoo. I had two football teams, was involved in two pro football pick'em leagues and in one survival football. I only ran the league in one of the two fantasy football leagues I was in, every thing else was run by friends, or friends of friends.

For the league I ran we settled on a live draft. That became problematic because of company firewalls. I was able to draft my team and was happy with the team I selected. I got players at each position that I wanted. My first overall pick was Drew Brees, but I left everyone scratching their heads when I selected Tony Romo in the 4th round. Everyone thought I was reaching, but 4,100 yards and 35+ touchdowns later I was in the fantasy playoffs. Grabbing Brian Westbrook was huge for me as well. I ended up having the best record in that league but losing in the openin ground of the playoffs before winning the 3rd place game.

In the other fantasy league I was in they settled on an autodraft. I pre-ranked my players and rated Romo and Addai very high. I ended up with both on the team. That team was hampered by the season long Marvin Harrison injury. Even though it was a pretty injury-riddled team, I snuck into the playoffs as the 6th seed with a .500 record. I somehow ended up making a nice little run (thank you Jamal Lewis) and making it all the way to the championship game... unfortunately I lost. But it was solid to have a 2nd and 3rd place finish for my two teams.

In the two Pick'em leagues I was involved in I placed first and second. The one that I was second in, I led all season before a late season collapse (congrats big game james). In Survival Football I won the league in Week 11 and then kept on picking games on the league message board for two more weeks, till the damn Cardinals let me down.

Now of course all the fantasy games are done... I just need the real Cowboys to regain their form and get to the Super Bowl.