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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Observations and Predictions... Week 6

Last week I was 6-8... that, like my beloved Cowboys, was simply awful.

On to the picks. Falcons over the Eagles. Steelers over the Browns. Bears over the Seahawks. Packers beat the Dolphins. Giants beat the Lions. Saints over the Bucs. Chargers over the Rams. Texans beat the Chiefs. Ravens over the Patriots. Niners over the Raiders (I mean, they cant keep losing... right). Jets beat the Broncos. Vikings beat the Cowboys (it pains me to say). Colts over the Redskins. Titans over the Jags.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Observations and Predictions... Week 5

7 and 7 last week... yuck

On to this weeks picks.

Bears over the Panthers. Bengals over the Bucs. Lions over the Rams. Texans beat the Giants. Ravens over Broncos. Falcons over Browns. Colts beat the Chiefs. Jags over the Bills. Packers beat the Skins. Saints over Cards. Cowboys beat the Titans. Chargers over the Raiders. Niners over the Eagles. Vikings over the Jets.


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Observations and Predictions... Week 4

Another 11-5 last week. Running late, so here's what we have.

Steelers over Ravens. Falcons over Niners. Jet over Bills. Saints over Panthers. Titans over Broncos. Bengals over Browns. PAckers over Lions. Seahawks over Rams. Colts over Jags. Texans over Raiders. Chargers over Cards. Eagles over REdskins. Bears over Giants and Patriots over the Dolphins.