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Friday, December 25, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 16 (christmas edition)

Merry Christmas to every one out there. I wouldn't typically touch a computer on Christmas, but I had to sign on to make my pick for the game tonight.

Last week I was 10 and 6. Not a bad tally. I think the Titans (at home) behind Chris Johnson beat the surging Chargers. The Titans can go on a run and make some noise in the playoffs. The Chargers are as good as their recent winning streak, but I think their lack of running game will come back to bite them in this game.

The rest of the week should look like this: Falcons over the Bills. Although they're playing only for pride a strong finish bodes well for Atlanta next season. Bengals over the Chiefs. Expect a big day from Cedric Benson. The Raiders (who've looked much better of late) over the Browns (who've looked better of late as well). Packers huge over the Seahawks. Steelers over the Ravens. A late season push by the defending champs is on. Dolphins over the Texans. Pats at home in the cold and rain over the suny Jags. Saints big over Bucs. Giants over Panthers. Niners over the Lions. Cardinals beat the Rams. Colts will have to rely on the ground game, but they'll beat the Jets in a close low scoring game. Eagles over the Broncos in a shoot-out. Cowboys big over Washington. Vikings get back to their winning ways against the Bear.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 15 (sunday edition)

I'm 2-0 so far (thanks Cowboys) as I've gotten the Thursday and Saturday night games right. Here is how the rest of the week should shake out.

Pats over the Bills. This one will be closer than people think. Cards beat the Lions. Titans beat the Dolphins in a close. It'll be the best game of the week. Chiefs over the Browns. My wife is in the Fantasy Football playoffs and needs a big game from Jamal Charles, so I'm pulling for one. Texans big over the Rams. Jets over the struggling Falcons (a big disappointment they've been). Broncos over Oakland. Chargers over the Bengals. This will be a close one, but the Bengals are playing with a heavy heart. Eagles beat the Niners. Packers keep the Steelers reeling. Seahawks over the Bucs. Ravens over the Bears. Vikings beat the Panthers. Giants over the Skins on Monday night.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 15 (saturday edition)

I know this is a foolish pick, but I have to believe the Cowboys will beat the unbeaten Saints tonight in a huge upset (I know shocking, as I've picked the Boys to win every game this weekend). The more I look at the squads the more I think it's not so crazy. The Cowboys secondary runs well and can run with the fast receivers of the Saints. If the secondary can control themselves from biting on the Saints double-moves they should be able to put enough pressure on Brees to make him uncomfortable. On offense look for the Boys to come out passing, which should help set up the running game in the second half. Cowboys 31 Saints 28.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 15 (thursday edition)

I got the Colts over the Jags tonight. Too busy to post more... crazy how they actually make me work at work, plus I have to save time to Sporcle.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 14 (sunday edition)

Ok, so I already have one loss this week, thanks Steelers. Here is how I think the rest of this week will shake out.

I think my beloved Cowboys will win a shootout against the very capable and surging Chargers. I think the Cowboys will rediscover their running game and ride Barber, Jones and Choice to victory. I have the Saints in a close one over Atlanta. Packers continue their roll over the Bears. Colts beat the Broncos in the equine battle of the week. The Bills pull on out on the road over KC. Vikings in a close defensive battle over the Bengals. Pats over the Panthers. Jets behind Kellen Clemens beat the Bucs. Dolphins beat the Jags in the battle of Florida. Ravens over Detroit. Texans with a big passing day over the Seahawks. Titans ride Johnson to a win over St Louis. Redskins in a close one over the Raiders. Eagles pull one out against the Giants. Cards over the Niners.

Fantasy Picks of the Week
QB-Matt Schaub: With the Texans RB situation in flux I expect Schaub to pass early and often.
WR-Larry Fitzgerald: Big week from Fitzyin a division battle against the Niners.
RB-Chris Johnson: Should have a field day against the weak Rams.
TE-Antonio Gates: I like the matchup against the Cowboys backers who are better rushing the passer then running with athletic tight ends.
DEF-Ravens: Favorable matchup against the banged up Lions.
Special Teams-Saints: I like their return game against the Falcons, as well as Garrett Hartley's big, rested leg.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 14 (thursday edition)

Busy at work, no time to blog. Just wanted to go on record and pick the Steelers over the Browns tonight. Big game for Big Ben... also look out for Mike Wallace. I think he can sneak into the end zone.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Iron Art (Kirby)

I'm a huge comic book fan. In fact for most of my life when asked what I wanted to do, I'd reply "I want to be a comic book artist". If you asked me the same question today, I'd say the same thing. Although I'm way to slow to ever truly be a comic artist, it still is a dream of mine.

One of the reasons its a dream of mine is the early Marvel work of Jack 'King" Kirby. He is simply put the godfather of all comic artists. He changed the game with his composition and dynamic poses. Characters jumped off the page and interacted with readers. You would generally see the characters hips cocked toward the reader in a dramatic stance. He also introduced U.S. audiences to speed lines as well as created the oft-copied Kirby bubbles.

When I found this Kirby piece of Iron Man, I instantly knew I wanted to recreate it. Iron Man was not a character commonly associated with Kirby so I was automatically intrigued. Then my co-worked and I spoke about doing a collaboration where he would drop a background and mural on a wall behind Iron Man.

The pencils took me a little over an hour. Inks were about the same. It's a piece I was thrilled with. So thrilled that I put together another Iron Man piece right after it... i'll post a more modern take on the man of iron tomorrow...

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Observations and Predictions... Week 13

Last week I went 11-5. The Giants and Pats let me down with a few stinkers. The Steelers lost a gutty close one with a third stringer starting (and playing well... until overtime) against the Ravens.

Performers of the Week
QB-Drew Brees: Went insane against the Pats weak secondary, 371 yards and 5 TDs.
WR-Miles Austin: 145 yards and a TD on a national stage... I wonder if I can turn my 19 Keyshawn jersey into a Austin?
RB-Justin Forsett: Shredded the Rams for 130 and 2 scores.
TE-Antonio Gates: 118 yards and 2 scores as the Chargers took it to the Chiefs.
Defense-Jets: 6 points allowed with 3 sacks, 4 picks and a TD.
Special Teams-Eagles: Strong Akers kicks and great returns by Jackson set up the Eagles all day.

On to Week 13. Cowboys have a tough matchup on the road against the Giants. Jerry Jones didn't help by putting Wade on notice. With all the distractions I think the Cowboys pull one out. Too many injuries on the Giants. I have the Jets over the Bills in Canada. Eagles in a tight one over the Falcons. The Bears beating the Rams. Bengals big over Detroit. Titans in an upset over the Colts. Broncos over Chiefs. Pats big over Dolphins. Steelers over the Raiders. Saints big over the Redskins. Panthers over Bucs. Texans over Jags. Chargers blow out the Browns. Niners over Seahawks. Vikings beat the Cards. PAckers over the Ravens.

Fantasy Picks of the Week
QB-Carson Palmer: Should have a big day against the Lions
WR-Jeremy Maclin: With DeSean Jackson hurting, he could see an increased role in the offense.
RB-Chris Johnson: Look out for the surging Titans. Especially Johnson who should match up nicely both out of the backfield and in the receiving game.
TE-Brent Celek: Coming off his signing an extension, he should have a big week versus ATL.
Defense-Steelers: Nice rebound game against the Raiders.
Special Teams-Bengals: With Scott back on kick duty, he and Graham should do work against the Lions.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Books I Like

So I've written a few "Books We Like" columns for ADW. The section should really be called "Books I Like" as I'm the only person who has reviewed a book so far. I'll be posting a few of these small book reviews over the next few days.

The Yankee Years by Tom Verducci and Joe Torre
A wonderful account of Joe Torre’s dozen years at the helm of the New York Yankees. At heart, the book is about trust and what happens when that trust is broken. Games are recounted in great detail, but the passages I was most drawn to were those on the human elements of the player’s ego and Torre’s deft handling of often explosive situations. The book also offers a rare and unprecendented look into not only the club house (Cone, Jeter, Giambi and Pettitte are some of the current players who speak on the record), but also to the front office (and the changing face of statistical analysis) of the Yankees. This book is a great read for both sports and non-sports fan alike.

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