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Thursday, January 06, 2011


Saying goodbye to a pet is always hard. Pets quickly become an integral part of the family. They start out as little hair balls you really have no connection to, but turn into family members you can't imagine life without. Saying goodbye is not my thing at all. I absolutely abhor it. Worse so, when the goodbye is finite.

Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Cupid. To say it was hard would be an overwhelming understatement. In fact, I think I'm still in denial that he's actually gone. My eyes still hurt from crying. I'm hoping that signing on, and writing my thoughts down will help me deal with it.

Cupid became a part of our family in August 2007. Right after my love and I returned from our honeymoon, and I picked up Scrappy, we decided to go to our local pet store and take a look at the pets. We simply went to look, we had no intention of getting a pet, I repeat, we simply went to look. As we looked at all the barking dogs we turned around and saw the cats. Now I'm not a cat person at all (or so I thought), but my love (who is a cat person) instantly fell in love with the siamese cat who shared a cage with a little furry cat. When the sales rep came over and suggested we sit with both cats in the little family room, I knew we were done. Not only were we getting the gorgeous siamese, but we'd also be getting his little furry friend.

My love and that siamese, who we named Cupid because of his February 14th birthday, quickly became best of friends. He was basically her shadow. Wherever she went, he was at her side. If she went into another room, he waited by the door. It was as close a relationship as I'd ever seen between pet and person. It really was beautiful to watch. In fact, to be completely honest, there were more than a few occasions when I was jealous of how much time he was spending with her. Cupid had great love for my wife, and she reciprocated that with him.

The love affair between the two of them never subsided. They may have spent less time together (because of pregnancy, then having to deal with the new baby) but their love remained the same. Whenever he could squeeze in next to her on the couch or get in her lap, or simply sit near her while she did anything, he took that opportunity. They loved each other dearly, which made the end even more difficult.

Cupid seemed to be suffering badly his last few days. He just didn't have that zeal which made him such a special cat. I will always be happy for having that last night with him. When although I was sure he was in pain, he spent hours in my wife's lap. It was his favorite spot in the world, and when I think of him, I'll think of the love the two of them shared, and how he loved to just sit in that lap.

One of the things i'll miss most is my morning routine. I'm very much a creature of habit. I love my rituals. Every morning (especially in the old apartment), I was the first person up. When I got out of the bedroom, Cupid was always there to greet me. He'd be sitting on the counter waiting for water. Before I would get in the shower, I would rub his head, grab his bowl, fill it, set it back down on the counter, and then rub his head again. It seems silly and trivial, but i'll definitely miss it. My mornings, my life simply won't be the same.

Cupid was the most gorgeous, loyal and loving cat I've ever met. I'm incredibly sad to see him gone. His life may have been short, but he left a mark on us that will last is a lifetime. Goodbye Cupid, I'll always love and remember you.