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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Almost Time

With my first of many fantasy drafts this week, and Madden already finding itself in constant rotation on the PS3, I realized it's almost time for football season. Time for my wacky predictions and fantasy football prognostications.

I'll have a much more comprehensive football preview next week, but I wanted to touch on a few things regarding the game I love before my huge post next week. Madden 11 is amazing. The best Madden game since 2005 and the dawn of the hit stick. I would suggest shutting off the gameflow and going with the conventional method of playcalling, but besides that, video game perfection. I'm really excited for the Dallas Cowboys this season. Offense and defense should both be top 5 in the league. I think it has a chance to be a very special season. I know the offense has looked bad so far this preseason, but I have no doubts all will be perfect by the time they kick off against the Skins. Also, here are a few fantasy football projections: Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo will be the top 2 fantasy QB's. Beanie Wells will be a top 10 back. Malcolm Floyd will have people in San Diego saying Vincent who? Tomlinson will have a nice bounce back season for the Jets. Darren Aromashadu will turn into a Top 15 (if not higher) wideout in Martz's system.

That's all for now. Till next week.