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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2K7

So, I knew Halloween was going to be hard for me this year. Especially after I had so much fun last Halloween.

Growing up in a bad neighborhood in Brooklyn (the South Side of WillyB), I really never experienced Trick or Treating. I'm not complaining at all, but it's something we never really did. We would put on costumes and walk to Apt. 12 knock (in my case kick) Sara's door and she would give us candy or money. Then we would bundle up and go around the corner to our godmother's house Esther. I always had a blast doing this.

Last year, Halloween ended up being on a Tuesday night. Which meant I got to take Scrappy out Trick or Treating. My love and I ended up dressing up in cargo pants, gloves and black tops and being Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable... Scrappy was Ariel (in the costume my love brought for her). Walking up and down Bay Parkway and hitting all the stores that were giving candy as well as all the assorted houses and apartments that were also giving candy was truly one of the highlights of my life. I can scarcely remember having more fun. So much so that while smiling goofily I remember my love turning to me and saying "You look really happy, Have you never been Trick or Treating?"... after thinking for a bit I answered "No, not really". The fact that I was able to share this moment with both my (at the time) future wife and my daughter made it even more special.

This year though with Halloween falling on Wednesday I knew I was screwed. It just wasn't my night. So I figured I would work late while the wife works at the new gig and avoid all the Trick or Treaters or anyone in costume that might remind me of Scrappy. I didn't account for all the co-workers who would have their kids stop by the office... all stopping by my desk to say hi with their kids, all wondering and asking where my daughter was. I must've said "Not my night" a million times today. So while working late has helped me avoid the situation a bit, I still miss my little one. Who would have thought I would miss ringing someone's doorbell and hoping they would answer by giving you a fistfull of candy so much.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Catwoman... Meow

When my baby got her hair cut really short I decided I wanted to draw a character that had short hair. This led me to Catwoman. Of course this piece doesn't show off her short hair... trust me it's underneath there. I've never drawn Catwoman before. So this was a first for me.

Selina Kyle is another very complex female character (my favorite kind of comic character). Her comic is easily one of my favorite DC reads. She had been on the verge of me dropping her, but "One Year Later" happened. This character has been reinvigorated since OYL. Will Pfeiffer has written what I consider the best run ever with this character. The art of David Lopez captures the book perfectly as well. He has made great strides since he first started on the book. Having a daughter has changed Selina drastically. It even broke my heart in the last issue when Selina gave her daughter up for adoption because she knew she couldnt keep her safe with the life she led. Easily the most emotional DC comic of the year. One of my favorites. Her comic will definitely be near the top of my '07 Top 10 comic list.

In terms of art on Catwoman, I like different versions of her. I think Darwyn Cooke does a great animated style Catwoman. Jim Lee, Pete Woods, Ethan Van Skiver have all draw great Catwomans in her latest costume... my alltime fave is Adam Hughes who has done the last years worth of covers. He draws a great Selina Kyle. His Selina was my inspiration of this piece. The pencils on this piece were pretty quick. So much of the piece is about the blacks on the page. Once I finished the pencils I outlined the whole piece.

Once the piece was outlined I added the blacks in which took roughly... forever. It really did take forever, but I love the end result. I think its one of my strongest pieces. Learning from the Rogue piece I made the boobs a little smaller, or more natural looking, at least i think.

BTW... all these pics were taken by my wife... they are amazing, so is she

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Finally... New Art... Rogue

I haven't posted any new pictures in a long time. I'll try and get on a more regular schedule as I plan on drawing some pieces to give as holiday gifts.

The first piece I'm posting is a piece on my favorite X-woman Rogue. Rogue is a mutant who has been on various X-teams over the years (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Xtreme X-Men). Her power is that she is able to absorb the power of any person she makes skin contact with. It makes her a highly complex character. She craves the physicality and warmth of others but finds herself unable to make physical contact. She was also raised by constant X-villain Mystique. Again adding to her very fragile psyche. Easily one of the best mutants ever created. Definitely my favorite female who has ever been a disciple of Xavier. In my eyes Jim Lee drew the hands down best ever Rogue (as well as lots of other characters). Joe Madureira, Salvador Larrocca, Marc Silvestri, David Finch, and Humberto Ramos (who draw a younger more anime inspired takes) also have drawn great looking Rogues. BTW... I hate the very weak and needy Rogue that is a part of the Ultimate X-Men... totally the worst take on the character ever. In fact the current take of her in the X-Men as the failed leader of her own team is very interesting. I'd like to see where Marvel takes it.

The pencils on this piece didn't take too long. They took about an hour total. the inks on the other hand took forever. As I sat there over an hour into my inks the wife says "You know, its because you drew her much bigger in the frame than you normally draw"... you know what, she's right. I'm really happy with this piece. I think her boobs are too big but overall I like the piece. I'm gonna try and color this picture this week in Illustrator using the live trace feature. I'll post the result and we'll see how it goes.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

October Update

I haven't updated on the kittens in a while. Above is a picture of Streaky playing with whats left of a magic wand that Scrappy picked out for them. They are doing really well. They are a bit of a pain in the ass most days (I dont think I've ever heard a cat eat louder than Streaky), but I absolutely love these little guys. They are a lot more playful and loveable than any cats I've ever encountered. And while I'm still not thrilled to have to scoop out kitty litter every now and then, I don't mind, because it means our babies are home and doing well. (btw... I would have loaded up a pic of Cupid as well, but the only pic of his I had was of him from behind eating... not very compelling... i'll get an updated shot of him up soon.)

SCRAPPY ART. Scrappy traced the stencils my baby made for her and decorated and cut a bunch of pumpkins, witches hats, scared cats and ghosts for the house. I only have a picture of this one pumpkin that Megan titled the "SCARY PUMPKIN" then she made a scary Halloweeen type laugh that I can't really replicate in text (kind of like MUAHAHAHAHA). I'm still hoping we can get a Pumpkin carved in time for Halloween. Maybe on Tuesday night.


"I like the color of the Pork, it looks nice"

With the misses working late at the new gig I was on my own for dinner with the little one. I knew we had Pork in the fridge that needed to be made, so when I picked Scrappy up I asked what she wanted. "The same pork we always have... with pasta... and green beans". I was proud of the fact that she even suggested green beans. A year ago she would have fought, cried and sat at the table for hours before she ate a green bean. Now she loves them.

By the pork we always have she of course meant oven-baked breaded pork.

With time running short (because of helping with homework), I really didnt have time to do anything other than boil water for the pasta and green beans and bread the pork and drop it in the oven. Tuesday nights always feel a little rushed. While the pork baked Scrappy helped me with the dishes. We washed and dried all the dirty dishes (which was good because we were making new dirty dishes).

When everything was done cooking, I mixed in the green beans with the pasta (always easier to make Scrappy eat more vegetables if its all mixed together). I then added some Italian Seasoning on top. For the pork I sprinkled a little Mozarella Cheese on top and called it a meal. It wasn't the best thing I ever made, but it certainly wasn't the worst. As for an endorsement from Scrappy, her take on it was "I like the color of the Pork, it looks nice".

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

NFL Catchup

As you can see there was no update last week. What with the Cowboys getting blown out by the Patriots I was in no mood to write about football. Although the Cowboys beat the Vikings (and looked good doing it), I again don't feel like writing about football.

The last few football weekends have been a little different than the first few. I wonder why I'm not taking as much joy in the games as I had weekends prior. The answer was simple. When I thought of something witty to say, or annoyingly comment back to the commentators on the the TV there was no one there to listen to it. My wifes new gig most of the time requires her to work on Sundays. As much as I love sitting there watching football, I love being able to turn to her and say something completely outlandish (for example "Watch this Urlacher's going to rupture this guys spleen) and have her laugh or even set up the tripod to tape some of my lunacy. Turning to Scrappy and saying watch this play, and having her say "Did they score a homerun" is just not the same.

Luckily she gets home most Sundays at like 5:30 which lets her watch the ending of the afternoon games. Which is nice, because we get some football time together. This past weekend for example, with the Cowboy game well in hand I decided to run out and get some burgers. I come back and she says "You have to see this"... she had rewound the ending of the Bears game and paused it for me to watch. The ending was great. Griese led the team down the field for a quick touchdown. To the shock of all Eagles fans. It was great. She is great, and although we didn't have our normal football marathon, it was nice to have her home for the end of the afternoon games.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The End of an Era

It is with sadness that I report that Joe Torre will not be back to coach the Yankees next year. I'm happy Torre rejected the feeble 1 year offer that was made. I'm sure he felt incredibly disrespected by the way the end of the season went. True the Yankees didn't advance against the Indians, but his track record should have allowed him to make a decision on his future. The fact that ownership was making daily comments to the press was a huge slap in the face.

He leaves a huge void that I hope doesn't go to Don Mattingly. As much as I love Mattingly I think he is the complete wrong choice for the job. In my eyes the only person I think is rightt is Joe Girardi. He has a track record (although very slight) with nurturing a young team. Which in essense is what will be inherited next year. Three/fifths of the rotation will be under 24. And there will be lots of home grown youth patrolling the rest of the field. I'd feel much better as a Yankee fan with a coach who has managed a young team before. Therefor in my eyes, the choice should be Girardi.

It's been a great run for Torre. I would say the best coaching job in the bigs during that time. Better than Cox, better than LaRussa. 4 World Series titles in 12 seasons. 11 AL East titles. Thank you Joe, it's been a great run... you'll be missed.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bill... Bill... Bill...

Although I've been complaining about Mr. Simmons a ton recently, I still continue to read hig blog multiple times a week. Which led me to yesterdays column, which was basically two things:

1) A stroke piece to the Patriots.
Yes, they looked great in dismantling the Cowboys and laying claim to the fact that they are the most dominant team in the NFL. They may go undefeated, and are easily the most dominant teams in the league since the 89 Niners and the 92 Cowboys. It still irks me that he let them off the hook on "Cameragate". I think this piece irks me more. I really do imagine Bill pleasuring himself while typing and submitting this piece. To gush over how the Pats have been running up the score lately is ridiculous. Had this been the Colts doing the same, we'd hear how wrong and evil Dungy and Peyton are. The Patriots were my pre-season pick to win the Super Bowl, so its no surprise that they are playing so well. I just caution all Patriots with this... they are one blind side hit from untested Matt Cassel throwing the ball to all those weapons... simmer down, theres a lot of season left.

2) Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, The Indians are beating the Sox.
Finally the Sox get mentioned on a Simmons blog. This hasn't happened a ton besides a fluff piece written and photographed in Tampa Bay. All he did was whine about the state of the Sox. He seems like a fan who can see the writing on the wall. He claims to not be as upset because the Sox won in 2004. Shut up... any loss to your favorite team hurts. It seems like he realizes that Eric Wedge has out-managed Terry Francona (after ddoing the same to Joe Torre). He also seems fine with the fact that the Indians seem better equipped to deal with the Sox pitching staff, and that their bullpen is much deeper (again something the Yanks learned first-hand). He sounds like a fan who has given up... or at least appears to have. Which leaves him in a nice position as a writer. If they lose he gets to say I knew they would because of "X". If they win he gets to bask in the glory of his team coming back from insurmountable odds. Not a bad position for him.

Why do I continue to read someone who frustrates me this much... I'll just never understand. I've tried to read other sports blogs, but there arent any that elicit any type of reaction from me. Deadspin ... overrated. Nosebleeds ... not smart enough. So until I find something better I'll continue to torture myself with Bill Simmons.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 5 Roundup

It was a rough sports weekend for me. What with my Yanks getting knocked out. Also for the first time that I can remember since having the Sunday Ticket, my wife wasn't around. She was working a Sunday shift, so it was a solo football Sunday. Here were the games I invested the most time in:

Cleveland/New England
I know the final score doesnt really indicate how close I think this game was. The Browns are scrappy. They fight hard. Unfortunately they ran into the buzzsaw that is the NE Patriots. Randy Moss finally had an off game, but it didnt matter because Ben Watson scored twice, and Dontae Stallworth finally arrived. They have an embarrassment of riches on both sides of the ball. They really might go undefeated... as long as they can get past Dallas this weekend.

Jets vs. Giants
I was cheering for the Jets, seeing as how I hate the Giants. For a while there it looked like Chad and the boys might pull it out (Santana Moss had two ridiculous catches in the first half). Thomas Jones continued to disappoint. The Giants scored the last 21 points of the game, with another inspired effort by Plaxico. He's having a great season catching and scoring with the ball.

Indy vs. TB
After a quick trip to the supermarket I started watching this game. I thought the Bucs would put up more of a fight. Especially with the Colts missing Addai and Harrison. The Colts though just kept on rolling. Dallas Clark had his weekly touchdown. Peyton looked great as usual. This is one solid team that is only the third team in the history of football to start 3 consecutive seasons 5-0. They will not roll over for the Pats. Another dominant effort.

This was a tale of two halves for the Bears. In the first half they looked horrible as the Bears were marching up and down the field. The Bears took advantage of a couple miscues by Packers receivers in the first half to keep the score close... then finally the offense arrived in the second half. They outscored GB 20-3, knocking the Packers out of the ranks of undefeateds... and serving notice to the league that they still have some fight in them. They will be a team to be reckoned with the rest of the season.

Dallas at Buffalo
Without PIP (picture in picture) I was forced to constantly hit the PREV button on the remote control. Flipping back between those Yankees losing there series to the Tribe and than Boys getting beat down. Romo the great looked awful. He looked at different coverage packages all night and made some awful throws. His first two passes were picked off for scores. He then threw 3 other INT's. He did everything possible to blow this game... Then the Romo of old showed up with the Cowboys down 8 with less than 2 minutes in the game. He led the Boys down the field by completing 9-11 passes and moving them 80 yards for the score. He showed that he has a very short memory and lots of moxie. Definitely the type of leadership skills I want running my team. Of course the Cowboys then missed the 2 point conversion on a very nice defensive play ripping the ball away from TO. Which then set up the ensuing onside kick which the Boys miraculously recovered. Two completed passes later set up a Nick Folk 52 yard fieldgoal... which Dick Jauron tried to ice by calling a timeout... then the rookie stepped back and knocked it through again... money. Cowboys win and stay undefeated... at least for one more week as they play the Patriots this week. Should be interesting.

I had a bad fantasy week... Kitna garbage... TO disappointing... Todd Heap didnt even play... The Cowboys defense played well and so did Ronnie Brown. This weeks picks are Kurt Warner. Ronnie Brown again, he's on a roll. Dontae Stallworth against the Cowboys. Kellen Winslow against the Dolphins. Jacksonville defense to dominate at home against Houston... see you next week.


A Tale of Two Renato's

One of the biggest revelations I made while catching up on my books (I know I keep mentioning this, but it really is quite a feat for me) was that two of my favorite unknown artists of the moment are Renato Arlem and Renato Guedes (who both happen to be hispanic).

Guedes doesn't come as a shock to me as he did a few great issues of Superman this year filling in for Pete Woods. So it wasn't surprising to me that I would love his Supergirl. What I was most surprised about was how much like a real girl his Supergirl looked like. She wasn't the same old tired, thin, anorexic looking Supergirl. She was a healthy looking girl... which was refreshing to see in this day and age. It really was the first issue of Supergirl I felt comfortable leaving on the coffee table, and not having to worry that my daughter (who loves Supergirl) would feel like she has to be super thin. Besides the whole body type I loved everything about Guedes art. His strong storytelling, the emotions on the characters faces, the detail in the background, and how realistic everything seemed. Very strong effort. I'm sad to see him exiting this title so soon. As much as I love Drew Johnson's work (great WW run a few years back), I would have enjoyed seeing more of Guedes on Supergirl. I can't wait to see what DC has in store for him. Hopefully it's some more Super-books.

Renato Arlem on the other hand has a very different style. One I would compare to Alex Maleev. He has a great gritty, urban, realistic style. Anyone who has heard me rave about Maleev knows I think he is a comic art god. So to put Arlem right up there with him is saying a lot. I had absolutely no intention of buying the new Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters mini-series. Then I saw a few sample pages of Arlem's art and quickly changed my mind. Arlem was very impressive on the relaunch of X-Force. Unfortunately that only lasted a few issues. Then he was great on Hawkgirl, which I can say I only bought for his pencils. Kendra Saunders never looked better. I had no idea he was tackling US&FF so when I saw his art I was excited to pick this book up. It definitely did not disappoint. He truly has mastered this new style of comic art and taken it to the next level. He has definitely become a must buy for me. I only wish DC wisened up and had him on a true urban city title. Placing him on a Nightwing or Batman would send his career through the stratosphere as well as elevating the look of the character for years. I think he can have the same type of impact for one of the Batbooks that Maleev had with Daredevil... who knows it could work.

DC if you are listening get these guys on major books. Give them major heroes. Characters they can make a difference with... these guys both are the real deal.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pride Of Baghdad

After what has seemed like an insurmountable task, I have finally caught up reading comic books. Last week after plowing through all the new books, I had no comics to read. So I went to the book shelf to pull out an old graphic novel to read on the train. In doing so I found the 2006 Graphic Novel of the Year Pride of Baghdad, and realized... I had never read it. I had an autographed copy sitting on my shelf (thank you BKV) that I had never opened and read. So I decided to pack it in my bag and give it a whirl.

All I can say is WOW. This truly was one of the greatest comic stories I have ever read. Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated by Niko Henrichon... all in all beautiful story. I was truly riveted by the tale of Zill, Safa, Noor and Ali. It read like a real world adult Lion King. While reading it I kept think ing what a great animated movie this would make. It has Disney written all over it, then I came to the ending... and decided Disney would never touch it. It has the type of serious and sad anti-hero ending that is prevalent in Asian cinema.

This really was easily the best comic story I've read in years. How BKV was inspired by the bombing of Baghdad and the story of these 4 lions walking the streets of Baghdad was nothing short of magical. The story was beautiful and brutal. It kept me rapidly turning pages to see what would happen next. For the first time in many years I was completely moved by a comic story I read.

Great work... I can't wait to put this back on the shelf in the upper pantheon of my graphic novel collection with V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Marvels and Kingdom Come.


New Art Coming

I've been really bad about getting art up recently. I just haven't been drawing a ton. Just wanted to update and say that I've laid down the pencils on two new pieces. I will be getting a Rogue and a Catwoman up by the end of the week. I'm happy with the pencils on both. Catwoman still needs a little pencilling work on the hands. Maybe I can get the wiife to pose for me... in fact her new short haircut was the inspiration that led me to find a Catwoman piece.

I dig the new hair and wanted to draw a character that has short hair. Of course, the piece I drew has Catwoman with her hood up. So we dont even get to see the short hair which was the reason I selected this character in the first place... oh well.

I'm hoping to have Rogue up tomorrow and then hopefully Catwoman on Friday.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Week 4 Roundup

I only really saw 5 games this weekend... plus my fantasy team lost again... so i'll only really be commenting on those games.

After a slow first half, Romo the Magnificent struck in the second half. He was simply masterful again. Of course the Rams are awful on both sides of the ball. The defense is very weak. The offensive line is offensive. Marc Bulger is playing in pain and Stephen Jackson is out hurt. There might not be a worse team in the league right now. That still doesn't stop the fact that Romo was amazing yet again. The snap over his head that he turned into a first down, the run up the middle of the field for a touchdown, the touchdown throws to both Crayton (who I stupidly did not start... argh) and Witten, where he moved the pocket, scrambled and then found them both... simply great. I know it sounds like I'm severely stroking this kid, but excuse me if I'm excited. He is easily the best QB the Boys have had since Aikman. He changes the game anytime he is behind center, and he rarely if ever makes mistakes that cost the Cowboys the game (botched hold, which he shouldnt even have been in for as the exemption). Cowboys rolled, and looked good doing it. Greg Ellis finally back from injury and looking great. He had 1.5 sacks and will be the pass rushing force opposite Demarcus Ware that the team needed. The defense is playing quite well as well right now... this team is starting to look scary good. They should score another 35-40 points this Monday against the Bills... and then the main event October 7th against the Patriots in what could be a Super Bowl preview.

Bears at the Lions
What the hell is wrong with Chicago? The offense is atrocious, the defense is injury riddled and just plain tired... they need to figure things out on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately they have division games the next few weeks and dont have the luxury of time to get healthy or fix some of the mistakes the team is making. Here's the quick fix... run the ball and control the clock. Oh wait, thats hard to do when you traded away your top back of the last 2 seasons. The offensive line has been terrible. They arent opening up any holes (plus a back like Benson with all his dancing around instead of hitting the line hard, doesnt work here... and could he hold on to the ball, the due fumbles every game), and they arent providing any protection for any QB. Grossman and Griese havent been great, but any QB would have a hard time behind that line. With all those offensive problems the defense has been exposed. They have major injuries to the defensive line and secondary. Plus with the offense not controlling the clock or scoring the defense is on the field practically the whole game. I really do feel like running the ball and slowing down the game is the answer. And if Benson isnt the answer go with Garret Wolfe.

The Colts are an efficient machine. Their offense is completely dominant. The Broncos have a good defense, but they completely outclassed by Indy. Peyton Manning is quite possibly the greatest QB to ever play the game. Never has there been a QB who manages the game the way he does. It was like watching Pete Sampras in his prime. A little boring to watch, because he made it seem so easy.

Eagles vs. Giants
Both NFC East rivals of my beloved Cowboys. So it was a good way to view the competition. The Eagles looked terrible without Brian Westbrook. Their o-line did McNabb no favors. He was a sitting duck back there the whole game. This game was so boring we switched to the finale of Rock of Love (yay Jess). Osi Umenyora was an animal, such a force for the Giants. This game was awful. Giants win.

Boring game because the Patriots are so good. They are in a completely different class than the rest of the league. Getting Moss for a fourth round pick from the Raiders was absolute robbery. He catches 2 TD's a game. There number one back was out, what do they do? Start Sammy Morris and he has a career day. Patriots are insane. Plus they aren't even at full-strength yet. Seymour and Harrison return next weekend... ridiculous. They are absolutely great, and still my pick as the team to beat.

Fantasy Roundup
Tom Brady: 25 fantasy points. 231 yards and 3 TDs. Just ridiculous in this offense right now.
Jason Witten: 13 fantasy points. 71 yards receiving and a TD.
Plaxico: 8 points. 24 yards receiving and 1 TD. Not a great game but not as bad as...
Thomas Jones: 5 points. No TDs 34 yards rushing and 20 yards receiving.
All in all a few hits, one mediorce, and one bust. For this week my picks are Jon Kitna versus the barely there Washington defense. TO with a bounceback game versus Buffalo. Will be on a mission to show that he is still Romo's primary weapon. Ronnie Brown versus Houston. He is on the best run of his career and will keep that up this week. Todd Heap at San Fran, should be good for at least one score. The Cowboys defense to try and pitch a shut out versus the Buffalo offense.

Till next week.


Monday, October 01, 2007

Madman and the The Atomics

One of my favorite artist of all-time is Mike Allred. I was thrilled many years ago when Dark Horse and DC put out the Superman/Madman Hullabaloo. I had been a fan of his art, but really enjoyed his fun, free-wheeling storytelling. It reminded me of older 70's and early 80's fun comic books. A true emphasis on the term "comic" book. This DC/Dark Horse venture ensured that I would be an Allred fan for life. If anything came out with the name Allred attached to it, I was buying it.

With my new rule of buying everything Allred I picked up the Atomics published by AAA Pop Comics. The Atomics were Mike's finest work. They featured great character designs, very clean lines, little shadow, and the great color of Laura Allred (Mike's wife). In fact all of these things mentioned have been great staples of Mike's work. It has followed him everywhere he has gone. Including his long run on X-Factor which later became X-Statix. In my eyes he is the single best independent comic artist of this generation. He does what he wants in his style and changes for no one. The fact that he was able to turn his independent clean style into a very succesful commerical run at Marvel is amazing.

As I mentioned in my last comic post, my favorite book of the summer has been Madman Adventures published by Image Comics. Absolutely great story, art, and color... all in all a typical Mike Allred book. The genius of that book led me to want to draw Madman and the Atomics. Its a very different style for me. Little lines, very minor shadows, natural musculature. Very different than the style I typically draw in.

It was a challenging piece for me because of all the reasons mentioned above. I did though have a blast drawing this. It Girl and Madman are both beauitully designed. This page with Madman's strong figure work as the focal point in the middle and It Girl in the foreground was beautifully designed. The pencils took me a little less than two hours. The inks took a little over two hours. Then I went in and used the pencil to add some more gray tones to the piece. That took about another 30 minutes. It's a different piece for me, but a piece I really enjoy. Mike is a complete genius, and if one day I am half the artist and creator he is I'd be an incredibly happy artist.

As an aside, take a look at the below pic. When my love was shooting this page for me this morning, the nosey little kitties came in for a closer look. They are supercute... I love these little guys. I'm looking forward to not having to wipe their butts so much, but I love having them at home.

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