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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Return of the CCG

I just relocated my passwords for the CCG. I knows its been forever since I posted. I've been placing all my artwork and thoughts socially on Facebook, twitter and instagram, but I always enjoying the longer form blog for giving more background to my art and my process. I will be reposting art I have put together over the past year with some recollections about their creation. Here is a Becky Lynch piece I put together. Becky has been a bright spot in the WWE Woman's Division for almost two years now. Before that she was stand out on NXT. I wanted to put together a piece on Becky but wasn't in love with any of the source material I was looking at as inspiration. I then found this older promo pick of her, and decided to add in some steam punk/gear type elements behind her as that is part of her WWE presentation. The pencils and inks on Becky herself where pretty quick to put together. I used my standard Dixon Ticonderoga 2 and 3s for line work and shading, I then inked it all with Sharpies. The gear motif in the background took quite sometime, and to be honest, I had a lot more of it planned, but tapped out about midway through. I enjoy the final product, but still feel like I may go back into this one and add in some more gears. The best part of this piece was that after I finished it, I tweeted it at Becky Lynch who was having a match on SmackDown. Shortly after her match, Becky no only liked my tweet, but retweeted herself. That was pretty cool.

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