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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wonder Woman

My niece and goddaughter requested a picture of Wonder Woman for her new bedroom. Not just any picture though. She wanted a picture of Diana twirling out of civilian clothes into her costume. I never turn down a picture request, so of course I agreed to it. Then the craziness of the Maxim Party ensued, which meant months went by without completion. I know I keep promising to post some art from that event, but simply haven't gotten to it. On top of that, my wife was in her third trimester, basically ready to give birth any day. Sitting down to draw was becoming more and more a luxury I simply didn't have time for.

My amazing wife went into the hospital to give birth (again, a story for another day, I promise) and had our second beautiful son Ryne. Seeing as how it was a religious hospital, I couldn't spend the night. On my way home I decided I would draw Wonder Woman that night. I had printed the Adam Hughes piece I wanted to base it on (Adam Hughes is a daunting artist to use as a muse) and was on my way. While my mother watched telenovelas in the living room (she came over to watch Kal) I dragged the lightbox into my bedroom and got to work.

Adam Hughes is quite possibly the best woman artist in the industry today. He is known for drawing cheesecake poses with the most amazing lighting in all of comicdom. His pieces are more than simply pencils and paints, they are amazing pieces of art. Hands down, the best Wonder Woman artist in comics today. The pencils were not incredibly complex. The inks were tough. Keeping a consistent line throughout the totality of the lasso proved almost impossible. Luckily my wife (once she got home and gamely helped) scanned and cleaned it up for me. I added in additional grays, but they're a little tough to see on this. This piece was HARD. I liked it, but didn't feel like I fully captured the essence of Hughes on it. My niece did love it though, so I guess mission accomplished.


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