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Thursday, August 01, 2013

60 Days of Art... round 2

I missed last years 60 days of art by roughly 2 weeks. I'm going to try and officially complete it this year.

I started July 30 with this version of Adam West Batman doing the Batusi. It was inspired by the great Mike Allred. Pencils were pretty quick, with the inks taking far longer (that seems to be the case more and more lately). Let the 60 days begin. I'll try to post art weekly, as we all know I'm not really going to post every day.

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New Art... Rorschach

I love Watchmen. I love Rorschach. I also loved Before Watchmen. Great comics, great characters, great pieces of art.

Another piece from last years 60 days of art which went un-inked for roughly 7 months. Believe or not, the words on the wall were a huge struggle for me. I just don't illustrate text well. It's easily one of my favorite pieces.

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New Art... Hellboy

It's been forever since I posted anything here. Work and family take up just about every second of my time (sports watching and video games take up the rest). When I do have time (be it at my desk at work, or at home) I still like to pick up the pencil and doodle.

Here is a Hellboy picture I drew last year during my 60 days of art. I never inked it, and then felt like a failure after only hitting like 45 days in a row. I had free time back in December at my desk, took out piece, and laid the inks down.

Pencils were done pretty quickly, inks were pretty laborious. It's definitely a piece I'm happy to finally have up.

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