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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Play Ball

One of my 3 favorite sports days (Super Bowl Sunday and the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament being the other) is tomorrow (and Monday). The start of a new baseball season. The one day when everyone has the same record, and every team has hope (even the Pirates and Indians). So I figured before the Yanks started their title defense on the road against the Sox I would make my picks for each division and the major awards.

AL East.
The Yankees should take the East. Simply put they are the most complete team in the AL. While the Sox made some nice moves to upgrade their defense (Scutaro/Beltre/Cameron) they simply don't have enough to compete the Yankee juggernaut. The Sox rotation (amongst the best in the game) should land them the wild card. Rays will be improved and fight the Sox for second all season.

AL Central
I like the division to end up very similarly to the way it did last year. The Twins have great pitching, but I caution how their new park will play. The Tigers will be good again and should be right in the thick of it to the last week of the season. The dark horse here could be the White Sox, I really like their pitching staff, and their offense could be really good. I do hate Ozzie Guillen though, so I refuse to pick them as the division winners.

AL West
The Mariners should be much improved on offense, and if Cliff Lee is healthy they have a formidadle 1-2 punch with he and King Felix. The Angels take a little step back, and the Rangers should be a little better than a year ago.

AL MVP: Evan Longoria
AL Cy Young: C.C. Sabathia
AL Rookie of the Year: Scott Sizemore

NL East
The Phillies are the most complete team in the NL. They should be able to win a close division race over the Braves (who will take the wild card). Braves sport a nice rotation and a good looking offense, especially if Heyward delivers. I also expect the Nats to be much improved.

NL Central
Cards should run away with it. No other team is even worth mentioning.

NL West
Will be a tight division all year. I expect the young Giants behind their great pitching to win the division. Rockies, and Dodgers right behind them.

NL MVP: Pablo Sandoval
NL CY Young: Roy Halladay
NL Rookie of the Year: Jason Heyward

I have the Phillies once again playing the Yankees in the World Series. I also have the Yanks winning the World Series again. It should be a great season... Play Ball!