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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The Dallas Cowboys (my favorite football team) recently made a big splash on the free agent market... they signed troubled superstar wide receiver Terrell Owens to a huge contract. He's the type of spoiled brat, malcontent talent that can tear a team apart. As evidenced by what the Philadelphia Eagles went through last year. Yet contrary to everything i've seen, heard, or read—i think this is a great move.

Not only does it give the Cowboys a star quality they've lacked the last couple of years, they now have a huge playmaker. With his addition, all of a sudden the Cowboys have one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. They have a gamebreaking wide receiver opposite him in Terry Glenn, one of the best young tight ends in the game in Jason Witten and a one-two punch at running back that consists of Julius Jones and Marion Barber (who combined had close to 1600 yards last season). Also with the addition of Jason Fabini and Andre Gurode the remaking of the offensive line is complete. As he proved last year, when Drew Bledsoe has time he is still one of the most dangerous QB's in the league. I think they have the potential to be one of the most explosive and dynamic offenses in the league.

On the other side of the ball they have one of the youngest and most athletic units in the game. The addition of Demarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Chris Canty (all in the draft last year), as well as the relative youth of Terrence Newman, Anthony Henry and Roy Williams you have the potential for a dominating unit. At times last year they were dominating, but had trouble closing teams out in the fourth quarter. I dont think we'll see that again this year. The youngsters will all have another year under their belts, and I can only hope that they address their glaring need and add a big time safety opposite Roy Williams. Teams run away from and constantly avoid him because of his big play potential. Thats not to say the defenses doesnt have some holes to fill. Losing La'Roi Glover on the line and Dat Nguyen and Scott Fujita in the line backing core will hurt. Parcells will have some work to do in the draft, but he has a history of great drafts, so i expect him to draft heavily on defense ths year (same as last).

A relatively quiet addition that I think will be huge is the addition of Mike Vanderjagt. I think he's one of the best kickers in the game (regardless of that shank that coulda tied the game against the Steelers in the playoffs). The Cowboys haven't had a legitimate kicker in years. It feels like every year they enter camp with a new tryout for the position. No such tryout needed this year. Vanderjagt has a huge leg, and should help solidify the position. Besides Owens, he's the biggest (and probably most important addition) free agent addition to the team.

The talent on both sides of the ball is staggering. Bill Parcells has done wonders in assembling this unit, and if there is any coach who could keep T.O. in-check it's Parcells. So even though i'm not a huge T.O. fan, this is a signing I fully endorse. I will run out and buy a #81 Cowboys jersey, and wear it proudly as the Cowboys make the playoffs (potentially even
the Super Bowl).


Monday, March 06, 2006

No Television... No Problem

Most of my adult life has been scheduled around my ever increasing television viewing schedule. I mean rewind to a year ago and my schedule would have looked something like this:

Monday: 24
Tuesday: Smallville
Wednesday: Alias
Thursday: Survivor, ER
Friday: NBA on TNT
Saturday: HBO Movie of the Week
Sunday: Whichever show was running at 9 on HBO (Sopranos, Deadwood, Sex in the City, etc.)

Everynight at 11:00 was Sportscenter, and during baseball season, i saw every Yankee game (or replay of an afternoon game).

This was my appointment television, I had to be home at certain times to watch these shows. I lived my life around this schedule.

Boy how quickly things change.

Neither my girlfriend or myself have cable, and until recently (this past weekend) we didnt even have an antenna. So we havent seen an episode of anything (other than the premiere of this season's 24) this television season, and you know what i couldnt be happier. We never have to rush home because we fear we are missing something on T.V.. We actually stay up late and talk and read, and get to know each other better. I know it sounds corny, but I highly recommend it to all couples. Don't live your life according to the T.V. Guide. Shut that T.V. off every now and then and just talk. Trust me, it can only help. My favorite part of any day is sitting down and talking to her. She's amazing.

The irony of all this is that i'm rushing through writing this, so that I can get home and watch the 2-hour episode of 24 tonight, I can't wait. ;o)

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