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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Final Four 2010

While I would love to sit down here and type out winners for every game, I'll simply make my picks for the Final Four, Championship game and eventual champ with Final game score.

In the Midwest, I like Kansas. I have that bracket running pretty true with only Michigan St. beating Maryland for a spot in the Sweet Sixteen. I also have Georgetown beating Ohio State to get a great Elite 8 matchup with Kansas.

Here in the East, I like West Virginia. Their stoicism as they were announced as a 2 seed spoke volumes to me. This is a team that felt like they were passed over for a one seed and are pissed. If I was the rest of this region I would be afraid... very afraid. I have a few upsets in this bracket, with Washington making it to the Elite 8. I also have Missouri over Clemson in a mini-upset. Kentucky could have a rough 2nd round game against the winner of Texas/Wake. Which should soften them up just enough to leave them vulnerable for the Mountaineers of West Virginia.

Out West, I like Syracuse. I'm tempted to go Kansas State because of Syracuse's injury woes, but I don't love K State. I have a couple upsets here in Florida State over Gonzaga and Minnesota over Xavier. The rest of the bracket plays out pretty true. I think the Butler/Syracuse Elite 8 game could be a real slugfest. Don't sleep on Butler. They could be a big darkhorse.

In the South, I like Duke (was there ever a question I'd pick Duke). My upset specials are Louisville over Cal and Siena over the hurting Purdue. I have Baylor beating Villanova in the Sweet 16 for a shot at Duke in the Elite 8.

In the Final 4, I like Kansas over the Orangemen of Syracuse, and Duke over West Virginia. I think Kansas' experience trumps Syracuse's zone. Duke's big 3 (Smith, Singler and Scheyer) prove to much for Butler to overcome. In the Championship game I like Kansas over Duke in a close, well-played contest, 83-77.


Toy Fair 2010: DC Direct part 2

OK, so I took like a two week break from the site before showing up with part of my DC Direct coverage. No real excuse. I've been a little busy with work and home, but not crazy... sorry for the delay here are the rest of my favorites from the DC Direct booth.

I love the art of Ed McGuinness. While I think it's wrong that DC is taking characters he never drew and rendering them in his style I still like the figures. The current series (out now) contains Batgirl (Cain), Green Lantern (Rainer), Electric Blue Superman, and Hook-hand Aquaman. They also had the next series on display which includes a Jordan Green Lantern (pictured with the Atom who I'd also like to purchase). I was all set to purchase Kyle Green Lanter, when I saw Hal and decided I'd wait until then and purchase the greatest of the GL's.

The next thing that clearly stood out was the animated Red Hood statue. I was only able to snap a blurry shot (as the crowd gathered around this piece was pretty massive) I was excited to see a piece on an animated property I hadn't heard announced. I've always liked the work of Judd Winnick (of Real World fame) and was particularly impressed by his Red Hood storyline. I hope the animated feature is half as good as the original comic story.

Also very impressive in the realm of statues were the DC Covergirls series. Each of these gorgeous 12inch statues are inspired by Cover artist extraordinaire Adam Hughes. He renders some of the best looking women on the comics landscape. Pictured above are Catwoman, Zatanna and Black Canary. All amazing.

There were a ton of 12 inch figures on display. From multiple Jokers, Supergirl and Wonder Woman to an amazing looking comic inspired Jonah Hex and Kingdom Come Superman. Another want for me.

All in all the DC Direct/Diamond booth was a dream come true. Stay tuned for more Toy Fair coverage.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: DC Direct part 1

By far the booth that I was most excited to visit was DC Direct (after I realized that Hasbro had their own private show and Mattel allowed no pictures). That excitement escalated when I saw the Superman World of New Krypton figures. I had to compose myself.

I had not seen any information or solicits on these figure, so I was absolutely blown away. Superman (in his Gary Frank Christopher Reeves inspired best) in the Commander El outfit he wears on New Krypton. Braniac (also the Gary Frank design) in his latest look. Mon-El in his new duds (swanky) and finally Lucy Lane as Superwoman. The Superwoman figure is particularly striking, one of the best I saw all day. All amazing, and all will be on my pull list in October when they're released.

Another great piece in the booth was the multipart Green Lantern statue. It features Hal front and center surrounded by Guy Gardner, Kyle Rainer and John Stewart. Guardians and Manhunters are also part of the display, with Alan Scott flying above.

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