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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Juggernaut

It's been quite a while since I posted a new piece of art. While I've been drawing pretty steadily, this is definitely the biggest piece I've drawn. You see, I've taken to drawing pieces on post it notes. Not the little teeny tiny ones, but the larger 3 x 5s. That, is a story for another day, or at least another post.

My buddy HK has a huge head, no, literally. He's also a really great guy. With his birthday coming up, and the knowledge that he is a huge Juggernaut fan (I think it has something to do with that huge head) I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to stretch my art muscles a bit and do a large piece.

This is my first oversized piece since February, plus I only gave myself a few hours to get it done. The pencils took a little over an hour. The inks a little over an hour and a half. No extra grays were added, nor did I get to ink the brinks as I originally intended. The whole piece was pencilled with a #3 Hard, and the inks were done in various weights of Sharpies. I was thrilled with the finish product, and HK loved it as well.