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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Rocket

This weekend marked the return of the Rocket (Roger Clemens) to pinstripes. I am an admitted fan of Roger Clemens. The last uniform number I wore was 21 to honor the man. Plus unlike most (if not all) Yankee fans I know, I didn't feel betrayed when Clemens left the Yankees to pitch for his hometown Astros... after doing what he came to NY to do... win a title.

Now I find it intersting that there are legions of RedSox (hate em), Astros, and even some Mets fans crapping all over this move. Saying how happy they are that he didnt sign with them. Saying how its inevitable that at 45 Clemens will break down. How much money the team is saving... blah, blah, blah. Had Clemens signed with any of the above mentioned teams, they would all be splashing on their websites and newspapers how happy they were and how they were now in position to win the world series. Look at those hated RedSox, are you telling me Clemens isnt an upgrade over Julian Tavarez or Tim Wakefield, or the Mets with Pelfrey, Perez and soon Brian Lawrence (who the pitching starved Rockies just dropped), or the Astros who roll out Oswalt (a true pitching star) and a bunch of nobodies.

Its completely ridiculous to think that there will be a huge drop off between a 44 year old Rocket (who was 7-6 last year with a 2.30 ERA) and a 45 year old Clemens. The Yankees have a much better offense then the Astros, and although we can probably expect a half run increase in his ERA, that will still probably be the lowest ERA on the staff. Clemens is an upgrade to the rotation of the Yanks. No matter how you slice a rotation that includes Wang, Pettitte, Mussina and Clemens is one of the best in the league. Those four guys will be tough to beat in a short series, and thats exactly what the Yankees wanted. You have 2 Hall of Fame starters as well as two guys who have been runner up for Cy Youngs. In a short series I like having the proven track records of these guys. Yeah they are a bit old (except for Wang) but no one has a better proven rotation heading into the post season.

The offense is perfect. The aches and pains of Johnny Damon are concerning, but I love Melky and the energy he brings to the team. Everything else is working out perfectly. Now that Mientkewicz has started hitting the team is even more dangerous. There are no holes in the lineup.

Just to recap, I'm ridiculously happy with the retun of the Rocket, and will gladly enjoy watching a parade in November after the Yankees win the World Series.



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