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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Super Family Illustrations pt. 2... Supergirl

So after taking a few weeks off (MS had no class last Tuesday, and I was just lazy the week before), I finally got back to drawing the rest of the Super Family. After consulting with MS about the changes that needed to happen to Scrappy-fy Kara Zor-El (no bare midrif, dark hair) I finally put the pencil and the Sharpie to the comic board.

What I ended up with was a different looking Supergirl than what currently runs, but one that fits in more with our family. She still has the same wide eyed wonderment that makes her a great character... I've just removed a bit of the Britney.

Next week comes the daunting task of drawing Wonder Woman from the cover of Identity Crisis... very heavy blacks, very moody piece. Looking forward to adding her to the collection. Having her done will mean the family is complete, and ready to be framed and placed above Tiny.



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