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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Observations and Predictions... Week 5

I had another strong week predicting ballgames (12-2). Unfortunately one of the two games I missed was my beloved Dallas Cowboys losing to the Denver Broncos. For the third straight week Tony Romo was underwhelming. I wonder if he misses TO and the double-teams he drew. The only other games I missed was the Titans/Jags game, as I expected the Titans to win their first... I mean they have to win one at some point. The Patriots showed they are still for real. The Saints showed some life on defense. The Giants continued to chug along as the top team in the league.

Here were the top-performers of the week:
QB-Brett Favre: Great performance against his old team. 270 yards and 3TDs.
WR-Steve Smith (NYG): Continues to put up big numbers as Eli's go-to-guy. How long before the Carolina receiver is known as the other Steve Smith.
RB-Rashard Mendehall: Willie Parker who? Rashard helped salt away the win over San Diego with powerful running in the 4th quarter.
TE-Antonio Gates: 100+ yards and 2 scores made the game against the Steelers close.
DEF-49ers: Pitched a shut-out as well as scored 3 times. Dominant performance.
Special Teams-Bears: Robbie Gould kicks and a long return from Johnny Knox helped keep the Bears ahead of the Lions.

The main event of the week is Belichik versus his apprentice Josh McDaniels. I think the Pats give the Broncos their first loss of the season. San Fran continues their climb to contention by beating the Falcons. The Colts keep the Titans winless in a close one. The Jets shut down the Miami running game in winning this game in Miami. The Cowboys start to right the ship in beating the Chiefs.

The rest of week 5 should play out like this... Buffalo over Cleveland. Pittsburgh (my lock of the week) defeats the Lions. Vikings big over St. Louis (the 09 Lions). Giants trounce Oakland. McNabb returns to lead the Eagles over the Bucs with a dominant performance. The PAnthers get in the win column over the Skins. Ravens over the Bengals. The Texans keep the Cards reeling. Jags win a close one behind the running of MJD over Seattle.

Here are my picks for the fantasy performers of the week.
QB-Matt Schaub: Big game in a shoot-out against the Cards.
WR-DeSean Jackson: Jackson has 60+ yard TDs in every game this season. The Bucs have a propensity to give up big pass plays.
RB-Maurice Jones Drew: Seattle D should provide an inviting front for the little spark plug.
TE-Heath Miller: Look for Big Ben to find Miller for at least one score versus Detroit.
DEF-Vikings: The defensive front should hold down the Stephan Jackson all day. Boller should have a long day running away from the hot Jared Allen.
Special Teams-Indy: Vinatieri plus a solid return game, on top of their solid coverage game (plus the Titans return game has been awful) should hold off the Titans.



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